Impress Your Boyfriend: Maxim’s 25 Best New Beers List

I can honestly say I’ve never been jealous of anyone working at Maxim…until now. Maxim‘s February issue (with covergirl Amanda Bynes) includes a great roundup of the “25 Best New Beers in America. ” Maxim‘s really done their research for this feature by spanning the country to find the best of what’s new.  This great compilation of new beers across the country is perfect for the girl on the go, who finds herself in a different city at the drop of a hat, for chatting up that cute guy in your office or impressing your friends.

While all 25 beers sound simply savory, here’s the 5 we’re most anxious to get our hands on:

Brew Free! Or Die

Style: IPA
Brewery: 21st Amendment, San Francisco

This citrusy sucker is the most chuggable IPA on the list. It has a perfect medley of bite and mellowness—an awesome, full-flavored way to earn your bed spins.

Sexual Chocolate
Style: Imperial Stout
Brewery: Foothills Brewing, Winston-Salem, NC

Flavored beers are for chicks. But this Nubian queen has three things going for it: (1) It reminds us of Eddie Murphy pre-tranny. (2) It sports the illest label of the year. (3) It gives us an excuse to order beer with dessert. Sip and watch your soul glow.

Style: Amber Ale
Brewery: Ballast Point, San Diego

Ballast has been churning out great beer for lucky locals for years and is finally selling their house favorite in wide release. This sharp ’n’ sweet potion pairs well with BBQ or pizza or a night by yourself stalking your ex on Flickr.

UFO White
Style: Wheat
Brewery: Harpoon—Boston

With hints of citrus, this smooth, easily swallowable brew is perfect for pirates worried about scurvy.

Style: Pale Ale
Brewery: Sly Fox, Royersford, PA

Is it possible to have delicious hoppiness wherever you go? Yes, you can. In this can!

See the complete list at


One response to “Impress Your Boyfriend: Maxim’s 25 Best New Beers List

  1. What a tasty looking list. =)

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