Great Beer Where You Least Expect It: Blue Moon’s Full Moon Winter Ale

As the east coast has been pummeled with snow over the past few days, I’ve been forced to explore my local Rite Aid to depths I never thought imaginable. Close to my apartment, great for picking up random assortments of things (my last purchases are as follows: chocolate, notebooks, hairspray, paper towels) and has a surprisingly diverse selection of beer. I’ve always kind of glosssed over anything in a drug store that wasn’t nail polish remover or candy, little did I know I was missing out on some major seasonal finds!

During Snowmaggedon  2010 (which turned out to be just a day of consistent snowfall), I hopped into my Hunter boots, grabbed my beau and journeyed out to Rite Aid. While navigating through the Miller Lites and Smirnoff Ices (which, Rite Aid, were starting to yellow…get on that). Blue Moon, brewed by Coors (shocker!), released Full Moon, the winter ale in its seasonal collection a few months back. I’m reluctant to try a seasonal ale for the first time in a bottle but at this point, I couldn’t be too picky.

Blue Moon’s Full Moon Winter Ale is robust and flavorful, perfect for warming your insides while it’s cold outside. While the taste is reminiscent of chestnuts with a touch of brown sugar, the ale is darker in color. With an alcohol content of 5.6%, it’s sure to warm you up on a brisk winter day and for being easily found at a drug store, it’s great to pick up and bring over to a friends or pair with dinner.


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