When Beer Cocktails Attack

Yesterday while enjoying lunch at Blockheads I was witness to the ultimate perversion of the beer cocktail. Blockheads is best known for their hefty portions of San Francisco style Mexican food paired with various sized margaritas. The brunch crowd was buzzing, the plates were hot and delicious, the drinks were flowing. And then I saw it. Almost as if this heinous drink itself knew that just hours ago I had given the proverbial thumbs up to the sheer existence of beer cocktails.

This was no ordinary beast. It was a hybrid of sorts. A bottle of Corona, face down (drowning!) in a frozen margarita. Had I landed in Cancun circa spring break 1998? How could you enjoy a Corona with all that frozen margarita mix in the way? Beware readers, his crazy cocktail is one to be reckoned with. Perhaps Blockhead’s clientele is aching for the days of frat life. Or they figure, if this thing gets you drunk, at least it’s already knocked over. Lesson learned, when at Blockheads go for the burritos and skip the bar.


2 responses to “When Beer Cocktails Attack

  1. Yikes, that does look awful!

  2. No.

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