The Beer Cave: An Unexpected Mecca at Exxon Mobil

Stone Ridge, New York is a quiet town. It’s biggest claim to fame may be that George Washington spent the night of November 15, 1782 in the sleepy town on his way to Kingston. In between college minded teens eager to make their way to SUNY New Paltz and aged hippies seeking out the free loving town of Woodstock, Stone Ridge is often forgot. Nestled in the Hudson Valley, photo ops are plentiful, the town folk kind and the beer caves cold.

Beer caves?

Much to my delight, a stop for gas quickly turned into a whirlwind of opportunity for Beer Head Over Heels. When I wasn’t able to pay at the pump, I made my way into an Exxon Mobil station in Stone Ridge and discovered the holy grail of gas station beer runs. The Beer Cave.

The Beer Cave housed everything my dreams are made of. Organic beers, cheap beers, imported beers, fancy beers, tall boys, cans, bottles, six packs, four packs…everything my beer loving heart desired! Like a kid in a candy store, I paced anxiously around the racks in the refrigerated room. How could I make a decision at a time like this? This glorious secret was housed in an Exxon Mobil station! A GAS STATION. I could barely comprehend a move so genius. Did other people know about this diamond in the rough? How could I spread the world? If only New York City gas stations would take a tip from their upstate neighbors in the Hudson Valley!

Great beer is often hiding where you least expect it. Rite Aids, gas stations…the hunt for new beers is never ending and always exciting. Keep your eyes open and your taste buds ready to decide at a moment’s notice. I raise my glass in hopes that one day everyone will experience a surprise in their travels as awesome as this one.


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