Magic Hat #9: Finding Magic in a Classic

Even these fairies know there’s something extraordinary about Magic Hat #9.

It seems to me as if #9 is the flagship beer of Magic Hat, brewed in South Burlington, Vermont. Whatever happened to Magic Hats #1-#8 doesn’t matter because #9 is simply perfection.

A six pack costs around $10 but is worth every penny.  It’s been said that #9 is “not quite a pale ale” and brewed with hints of apricot. Seasonally, #9 knows no home, it can be enjoyed year round and matched with a bevy of dishes that call upon fruity undertones.

Lately, I’ve noticed it springing up at sporting events, putting a classy spin on the usually drab Bud Light and pretzel combination you’re forced to choke down as your boyfriend howls at a scoreboard. A hero in a plastic pint glass, thank you Magic Hat.

Crisp and refreshing, #9’s fruit influences are far from overwhelming and fine tuned in such a matter that the beer itself is to be savored. Grab a sixer or enjoy a pint, either way, the simplicity of this beer is sure to appeal to a variety of palettes, both male and female alike.


3 responses to “Magic Hat #9: Finding Magic in a Classic

  1. Wow, that sounds really tasty. =)

  2. My favorite! Magic Hat at a sporting event, I’ll be keeping an eye out for it.

  3. Love this beer, Love those fairies

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