Epicurious Presents: Top 5 Canned Beers

Beer bottled in glass is associated with a crisp, refreshing taste. The feeling of bubbles rushing toward the bottleneck as the cap is popped off. But who’s to say that canned beers aren’t as good? Often they cost less then their glass bottled counterparts and are easier and safer to transport. If someone who’s had one too many to drink drops a can of beer, it’s a lot less dangerous than someone who drops a bottle or a glass.

Our pal over at Epicurious, Stephen Beaumont, has done it again with another great list of the top 5 canned beers. Click here for the full list!

Fuller’s London Pride

(England; $7.99 per four-pack of 16.9 oz. cans)

You might not expect to find one of the most awarded and acclaimed ales in the U.K. in a can, but voilà! This is a classic “best bitter,” a brew style completely unlike pale ale, porter, or stout. It is dry rather than aggressively bitter, lightly fruity, and, to borrow a British phrase, immensely quaffable. With more than a century and a half of experience behind it, the Fuller’s brewery is the last remaining family brewery in London.

The dry but lightly fruity flavors of the beer complement aged white Cheddar, that famed British cheese. Try it in this potato recipe.

Entree Pairing: Fish and Chips
The pairing with deep-fried fare is a natural, since the bitterness of the beer will strip the greasiness of the dish from the palate.


2 responses to “Epicurious Presents: Top 5 Canned Beers

  1. It’s so true that cans are safer (and easier to dispose of) than glass!

  2. Love the Fuller’s London Pride. Have you ever tried Dale’s Pale Ale by Oskar Blues? You can buy single cans at Whole Foods for $1.99. For a great meal under five dollars, grab one can of Dale’s and a can of tuna. Or mac & cheese. Or really anything under $3.

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