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St. Patrick’s Day : How to Make Green Beer

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

As a general rule of thumb, I try to stay away from green beer, green eggs, green anything…not only on St. Patrick’s Day, but on most days in general.

It recently dawned on me that green beer is a tradition in many homes across America.

How does one make green beer? The obvious additive is food coloring. But what’s the secret to making good green beer?

DIY Life has got us covered:

The beer
Choose a lighter beer, one that will take the color easily. If your favorite beer is of the darker variety, it will take more coloring.

The color
It was suggested by a commenter on Slashfood, where we were reminded of this cool St. Patrick’s day tradition, that blue food coloring works best; by mixing it with the yellow beer, you should achieve a true green color. I tried both blue and green food coloring. Take a look through the gallery and decide which one you think worked best.

For the purists among us who don’t want to tamper with good beer, enjoy a Guinness. If you’re in the St. Patrick’s day spirit, but aren’t really a beer drinker, follow me through the break and I’ll share some other green cocktails along with a few non-alcoholic ones.